12 Jul

What is SMO?

Social media optimization (SMO) is a great way to reach your customers and help increase your online marketing presence. While this strategy is somewhat similar to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, the two do differ in terms of the results that can be achieved through their respective use.


Social media optimization is becoming increasingly popular as more and more users join the social media community. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the options are continuing to grow on the social media platform. This opens up a realm of opportunity when it comes to marketing your business online.

The first rule to keep in mind with SMO is that users typically go to social media without having a certain desired outcome in mind. For example, a user on Facebook may be scrolling through their newsfeed looking at their friends’ posts, keeping an eye out for local news, etc. Users on these sites are looking for community, peruse content, and connect with other users and friends. Keeping this is mind can help you strategize your social media campaigns.

Establishing yourself as a credible source on social media will help your marketing grow through various platforms. Make sure you appear credible, without using raw data. No one on social media wants to look at a list of statistics to learn that you are an expert in your field. Instead, use more qualitative ways to develop authority, rather than quantitative.

A huge opportunity for lead generation in SMO is engagement with your audience. Encouraging your audience to not only visit your site, give you business, and become a loyal customer, but to also reach out to their friends and tell them about how great you are! You know your business and you know your potential. Let your customers help you promote your business. The more you encourage them to like, share, and post, the more leads you are likely to generate. Keeping up  to date on these sites can be time consuming, but the benefit that can be achieved is definitely worth your time and energy.

The bottom line of any SMO is knowing your platforms. Use only the social media sites that your ideal customer might be using. Don’t waste your resources, in regards to your finances and your time, if you know that a particular avenue may not result in any leads for your business. Knowing your market and your platforms in social media will be the key to your success in SMO. Make your presence known to your audience, and maintain your presence regularly so that your business and SMO continue to grow.

The benefits of SMO are exponential. Using this form of online marketing is a great way to keep your company in the mind of your customers. Knowing how to use this correctly can take you to great places.

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